Why Floor Test?

floor slip injury can result in serious injury and even death

It's the Law and to save £50,000 + in Slip Injury Claims!

33% of injuries in the UK are from slips, trips and falls, as the HSE slips statistics graph below shows. You may say "so why should I care?". We think for the following reasons... 

  1. As owner, landlord or manager you have a Legally obligated Duty of Care to Maintain Safe Floors for Customers, Employees and Visitors
  2. We are seeing an increase in people Making Slip Injury Claims and It is not uncommon  to see slip injury accident claims of £50,000 or more. Unfortunately, we also know of losses of limb, paralysis, life injuries and death form slips. Approx. 80% of floors we check as Expert Witnesses in Slip Injury Claims fail to meet  the required levels of floor safety

Floorslip are affordably priced to get your floor checked to make sure it is safe, through...

Percentages of Slips and Trips and Falls - HSE Data 2021 Statistics for Slips, Trips & Falls

If you want to know more about Floor Slip Prevention then peruse our website and the FAQ's on Floor Slips and Making Injury Claims or Contact FloorSlip for free friendly knowledgeable advice.

If you want to know more about Floor Safety in Your Industrythen check out some of the HSE links we have provided; the food, drink and hospitality industries having the worst problems.