Prices: Floor Testing; Expert Witness; Equipment; Training

FloorSlip try to stay keenly matched to give you the best prices. However, if the price is not affordable to you but you still need the expertise that the very experienced operatives of FloorSlip can offer  then...

Contact FloorSlip and we will genuinely try to offer better prices than 'written formal prices' quoted by competitors.

FloorSlip Pricing Structure


(Updated 19 SEP 2023)

Travel in all cases depends upon your location from our bases of operations.

VAT is NOT payable on any prices, except where stated.

Floor Testing Prices 


On Site Floor Pendulum Test (1 to 4 tests - Half Day) - From £547 plus travel*

On Site Floor Pendulum Tests (5 to 10 Tests - Full Day) - £897 Per Day plus travel*

*For Tests in London - Add £50 to each of the above prices


Off Site Floor Sample Pendulum Tests (First Test) - From £247 (See Note 1)

Additional tests (performed at the same time, 1 to 4 tests) - £79 Per Test

Additional tests (performed at the same time, 5 or more tests) - £59 Per Test

Note 1 - Rough finished floor samples incur additional cost as the test sliders are damaged during testing and are disposed of. 

Expert Witness Prices in Slip Injury Claims

Short Reports (Not meant for compliance in UK Courts) - From £59 

Court Compliant Expert Witness Reports - From £447 (See Note 2)

Responses to Questions on English CPR 35 /  Scottish Equivalents - From £247 (Detailed)

Joint Court Reports (In addition to Initial Expert Witness Reports) - From £447 (See Note 2)

Court Appearances (First Day) - From £899 (+ Travel / Hotel dependent upon location)

Court Appearances (Subsequent sequential days) - From £799

Note 2 - The Pendulum Testing cost (on-site or off-site) is in addition to these prices.

Training in the Floor Slip Resistance Test Equipment

Training is conducted at your site for up to a maximum recommended 6 people

Equipment Training - From £799 plus travel

On Site Floor Safety Risk Assessments

Let FloorSlip assess your site, includes limited amount of Pendulum Testing and a Short Report

Floor Safety Risk Assessments – From £799 plus travel

Pendulum Test Equipment Sales

Links to relevant pages on buying new Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment

New Pendulum Test Equipment - From £4,497 (Plus UK Delivery and VAT)*

*(Approx £5,797 including Delivery and VAT)

Prices adjusted every December (So order before December!)

This is top quality floor testing equipment manufactured to British Standards in the UK.  Supply includes

  • UK Manufactured Pendulum Floor Tester
  • Robust Flight Case (wheeled)
  • Tool Roll Holder 
  • Spanners, Brushes Allen Keys, Slider Footprint Gauge and Spray Bottle.
  • Pavigres Tile 
  • 3M calibration Sheets (Pink Lapping Film + P400 Wet & Dry)
  • 1 Year Certificate of Calibration of Equipment and Slider
  • 2 Sliders of Your Choice (Typically Slider 55 and Slider 96)

UK Delivery - Shipping box approx 35 Kg and 75 x 75 x 35 cm Allow from £70 to £100.

Overseas Delivery (Oustide of the UK) - Prices can vary from £399 Upwards

Pendulum Test Equipment Optional Extras (Extra Cost - Price TBA)

  • Aluminium Sample Holder
  • Float Glass (For Pendulum Verification)
  • Foot Load Spreader Plates
  • Additional Sliders - From £135 inc. P&P and VAT

  • Pendulum Calibration after the first year is - Approx. From £525 inc. VAT plus delivery