UK HSE SAT Surface Assessment Tool (for Floors)

The Flooring Slips Assessment Tool or ‘SAT’ is a freely available software tool from the UK HSE used to identify possible Slip Risk Potential. It is used in conjunction with the Floor Surface Roughness Test Equipment to obtain the Rz (micron) values.

The Slips Assessment Tool must be used initially in conjunction with the On Site Floor Pendulum Test, which establishes the true slip resistance; the Pendulum Test establishes a set of baseline values and the SAT / Surface Roughness Values are then aligned with the PTV (Pendulum Test Value)  

The SAT results cannot be used to provide court evidence for in a Slip Injury Claim; only the Floor Pendulum Testing can do that.

The SAT software, provided free of charge by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is downloaded on line and will work on basic PC, laptop etc

How the Flooring Slips Assessment Tool SAT Works

The Rz (micron) floor readings taken are entered into the HSE software program and the program asks questions: for example – floor surface  type, contamination, footwear used and so on and the program will then output static (not dynamic COF*) indication of the risk of slip on the floor.

Floor Slips Assessment Tool (SAT) used with Surface Roughness Test Equipment

*Dynamic COF or 'Coeffient of Friction' is the true value of a heel in motion when walking; static COF is only indicative and should not be relied upon.

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