CPR 35 Rules in the Context of Floor Slip Injury

CPR standing for 'CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES'* makes up a procedural code with an overriding aim to enable the courts to justly deal with cases of CIVIL matter.

*Please do not confuse this with CRIMINAL PROCEDURE RULES, which also has the acronym of CPR.

CPR 35 (Also known as Part 35) and CPR 35 Practice Direction governs Expert Witnesses in England and Wales. In Scotland, the CPR rules do not apply in Scotland (nor Ireland), though, from our experience of Providing Testimony for Slip Injury Cases in Scotland, we know they follow a similar format and impartial expectations typically found in CPR35. (We have been informed that there are, intentions to create a set of civil procedural rules in Scotland).

Applying CPR 35 in Floor Slip Injury Incidents

An Expert Witness, in this instance concerned with Floor Slip Injury Acci­dents,­ will be a person possessing in depth knoweldge of the topic both in theory and in application, and ceratinly possessing far more knowledge than the layman. That person, who is typically a single Expert (though Joint Expert Reports acting for Claimant / Pursuer and Defendant in parallel are not uncommon), must present, in plain English wherever possible, clear, impartial, unbiased evidence on behalf of Claimant / Pursuer or Defendant for the Courts and Judge and the opposite party. This is typically achieved via a Slip Injury Lawyer. The evidence is normally in the form of written testimony, which will include expert witness opinions of the evidence found. The expert may also be expected to orally support the testimony in court. The evidence will most likley be backed up by: - scientific testing; forensic inves­tiga­tion;­ refer­ence to authorities, rules, procedure and guidance on the topic;­ refer­ence to past events;­ statistics, reports, artefacts, verbal hear-say and so forth. 

FloorSlip Expert Witness Services

FloorSlip regularly create Slip Injury Testimony for cases in England, Wales and Scotland and are familiar with the requirements and evidence the Slip Injury Lawyers expect.

To date, we have probably been instrumental in 150 cases.

Our services include: -

Please Contact FloorSlip if you have a request or simply want to talk about a possible slip injury event. Not all incidents are worth pursuing; but do bear in mind though that 75-80% of all Floor Tests we have conducted fail poorly to meet the Laws on Floors in the UK