Ramp Test | Floor R and ABC Ratings

Floor Surfaces are rated in many ways from British BS and European EN Standards through to how they are rated in Tests.

The 2 most common Floor Tests are: -

1. The Floor Pendulum Test ... to determine PTV

For ANY Floor Surface Type  - The Floor Pendulum Slip Resistance Test is for just about the best Floor Test Method to determine how slippery a floor is and gives an accurate reading known as the Pendulum Test Value (PTV) sometimes called the Coefficient of Friction (CoF).

Floor Pendulum Slip Test at Swimming Pool

2. The Floor Ramp Test ... to determine R-Ratings and ABC Ratings

For SPECIFIC Floor Types in SPECIFIC Environments, the Ramp Test is best to determine the interaction between a SPECIFIC Floor Surface Type, a SPECIFIC Contaminant and SPECIFIC Boot Type to get the Floor R-Rating; or using Bare Feet to get the Floor ABC Rating

Shod Foot Ramp Test for Floor Slip Resistance R-Ratings     Bare Foot Ramp Test for Floor Slip Resistance ABC-Ratings

BE WARNEDSlip Injury Claims as a result of floors specified using R-Ratings and ABC-Ratings are common place because the R and ABC Ratings MOSTLY FAIL to achieve an acceptable Pendulum Test Value (PTV) to meet HSE Requirements for Safe Floors.

So, if an R-Rating or ABC-Rating has been specified then ALWAYS ALSO GET THE PENDULUM TEST VALUE (PTV) AS WELL, which is the true and accurate determination of the slip resistance of a floor; either have a Floor Pendulum Test (Conducted On-Site) or an Off-Site Floor Pendulum Testing of Samples .

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Floor R Ratings and ABC Ratings

Using European DIN Standard Testing, which is being superseded by EN-16165 in 2022: - The Ramp Test arrives at 2 different values depending on what the Customer requests...

Floor Slip Resistance Ramp Testing Values

Floor R-Ratings

This is a Shod Feet Assessment typically using general work boots with cleated soles and oil. The R-Rating might be required for example where a workshop needs to specify a particular floor surface for its employees wearing work type anti-slip boots to ensure a Safe Floor Surface underfoot with Floors Contaminated with Particular Contaminates.

The Values are rated at R9 (Least suitable to resist slips) to R13 (Most suitable to resist slips)

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Floor ABC-Ratings 

This is a Bare Feet Assessment using operators with bare feet and soapy water to do the tests. This test is typically conducted for Customers looking to specify floors for swimming pools, shower rooms, jacuzzies and saunas etc. 

The Values are rated at A (Least suitable to resist slips) to C (Most suitable to resist slips)

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