About FloorSlip.co.uk

Established in 2011, FloorSlip are a leading UK supplier around the UK of: -

1. Floor Testing

Floor Testing Services for Businesses and Slip Injury Lawyers in the UK and Worldwide as follows: - 

Tests are conducted to any standard you require but typically to the following British and European Standards and UKSRG Guidelines -

See the Customers we deal with In Businesses

View the Lawyers we deal with In Slip Injury Accident Claims 

2. Expert Witness Services in Slip Injury Accident Claims

We provide Comprehensive but affordable Expert Witness Services in Slip Injury Accident Claims;

So, if you are ‘Making a Slip Injury Claim’ or a Lawyer Pursuing a Sase of Slip Injury, we can assist you full in onsite and offsite assessments and testing accompanied by complete, detailed, comprehensive Expert Witness Reports for English (CPR) and Scottish courts. We have been providing this service for many years now so you can feel confident in our abilities to assess for Defendant or Claimant / Pursuer.

3. Floor Pendulum Test Equipment Sales

We sell brand-new (and occasionally pre-used) British built Floor Pendulum Test Equipment in deluxe transport cases at keen prices. Please note, these are genuine UK manufactured items, calibrated to British Standards (BS-7976-3 / EN-16165 Annex C)

These are NOT cheap copies from overseas suppliers, which can-not be calibrated, nor repaired, nor accurate at all in some cases.

4. Training in Floor Pendulum Test Equipment

FloorSlip can provide On-Site Training In The Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment, and Surface Roughness Equipment at your location, either using you own equipment or our equipment (same price)  

5. Advice / Risk Assessments

We can assist you over the phone or on site in Floor Safety Risk Assessments and Advice in Flooring Installations. Also see our detailed page on ‘Buying New Floors’

Our Team

FloorSlip only use established, highly  ‘mature’ and very experienced engineers skilled in management; engineering;  testing from professional backgrounds in blue-chip companies and the military. Our engineers have been with FloorSlip since 2011. Read more about the FloorSlip team.

Where We Test

Our services, operating from northerly and southerly UK locations, extend the depth and breadth of England, Scotland and Wales for on-site testing. On occasion, we also cover the English and Scottish Isles and Ireland (North and South) but, note, the extra costs in doing so can be prohibitive if your budget is small.

We also offer worldwide testing of floor samples and of ‘Desktop Reports’* and our clients extend from the Americas to the Antipodes, Europe and the Middle East. 


* A Desktop Report is an 'OFF-SITE' Office based assessment of a Slip Injury Accident (or a business need) using photographs, videos, specifications, reports, witness statements and such other evidence where the cost and impracticality of attending site is excessive or not logistically viable.

When We Test

We are not limited by a 9-5 regime and we can offer 24/7 advice and service if required at a nominal extra charge 

Contact FloorSlip

Contact FloorSlip by phone or email to find out more or simply to ask a question. You will be directed straight to a well trained mature established engineer.