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FloorSlip have been conducting ‘On-site’ slip forensic assessments and preparing Expert Witness Reports for Floor Slip Injury Accident Testimony for Lawyers in England, Scotland and Wales since 2011.

We act impartially on behalf of either Claimant / Pursuer or Defendant / Defender and provide single party of joint-court reports, where requested to do so.

We also conduct ‘Off-site’ Expert Witness Reports for sites where visits are impractical (such as holiday destinations abroad) using photos and witness statements along with understanding and researching  the rules of the destination country

What is a Slip Injury Expert Witness Report?

In the event of a slip injury claim, where a party becomes injured, the injured party might decide to assign a Slip Injury Lawyer to act on their behalf.

In turn, the Lawyers contact FloorSlip to conduct a specialist forensic assessment in the field of floor safety.

We visit the slip incident site; assess and Floor Test the slip locus for floor slip resistance; lighting; cleaning; contaminants; weather; slopes; talk to the injured party, the witnesses and the defendants and any other relevant party to collect verbal, written and photographic evidence.

Furthermore, all the artefacts such as risk assessments, accident registers, CCTV footage, floor specifications and so forth (of which there are many) are collated and examined by us.

All of this data is brought together to create a UK Court Compliant ‘Expert Witness Report’ or ‘Expert Testimony’, which is an unbiased, truthful single clear presentation of the evidence for ease of assessment by the courts / judge.

These reports, in England and Wales are known as CPR35 or Civil Procedural Rules and the associated Practice Direction (The Protocol for the Instruction of Expert Witnesses to give evidence in civil claims)

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Scottish courts do not comply with CPR35 rulings but what they do expect is virtually identical to the CPR35.

How much does it cost to employ a Slip Injury Expert Witness?

Using FloorSlip, a very reasonable amount and the job we do, in our opinion, rivals and often exceeds the competency of far more expensive firms. We have provided reports for over 60 Slip Injury Law Firms in the past 12 years; many of whom we do repeat business for. We are affordable, dependable and professional in our approach to all parties. See our Prices of Expert Witness Reports in Slip Injury

What Standards do you test to?

To comply with the UK HSE and UK Government / Court expectations we always follow British or European Standards; formerly BS-7976-2 and now EN-16165 (since 2021) and the UKSRG Guidelines, which all instruct in the use of the Floor pendulum Test Equipment and Surface Roughness Test Equipment

What is an Expert Testimony?

An expert testimony is where subjects not of common knowledge are brought together in plain English for use by layman Judge or Jury to draw conclusions. The courts expecting testimony to be based upon facts and accurate, truthful data and for testimony to be based upon reliable tried, tested and regularly reviewed methods and applied correctly. The expert delivering an ‘unbiased opinion’ of probable cause (not blame) based upon the evidence collected and the test results; blame is the opinion that the courts will determine.