Floor Testing Method Statement


This page briefly summarises the Methods and Floor Test Standards FloorSlip use in  the execution of Floor Pendulum Testing and Expert Witness Assessments in Slip Injury Claims

Method Statement – Floor Pendulum Testing

FloorSlip conduct Floor Testing on behalf of businesses and Lawyers in Slip Injury Claims across the UK in respect to On-Site Floor Pendulum Testing; and worldwide for Floor Sample Testing. We do so in accordance with: -

  • EN-16165 (2022) paralleling and eventually superseding BS-7976-2 in 2022
  • UKSRG Guidelines Issue 5-2016 (BS-7976-2) and Issue 6-2022 (BS-EN-16165)
  • We can though test to any standard requested – see our page on Floor Test Standards

Specialists in Floor Slip Testing to EN-16165 and UKSRG for businesses and Lawyers in Slip Injury Claims

FloorSlip conduct off-site floor sample testing in the UK and for the rest of the world, simply post a sample!

Method Statement – Road and Airfield Pendulum Testing

For Road and Airfield Surfaces, Pendulum Testing is conducted to

Method Statement – Pendulum Manufacturing Standards

FloorSlip only use British built Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment built in accordance with: -

  • BS-7976-1 (to be superseded by EN-16165 in 2022)

FloorSlip also Sell New British Manufactured Floor Pendulum Testing Equipment

Sales of New Floor Pendulum Test Equipment UK-Manufactured to EN-16165

Method Statement – Training in Pendulum Floor Testing

FloorSlip Train Persons On Site on Pendulum Test Equipment instructing in procedures and guidance laid down in BS-EN-16165 (formerly BS-7976-2) and in the UKSRG Guidelines at latest issue. 

On-SiteTraining in the UK in  the Floor Pendulum Test Equipment, EN-16165 and UKSRG Guidelines

Method Statement – Surface Roughness Testing

Surface Roughness Testing is also carried out when we conduct Pendulum Testing. The Surface Roughness Test Results should (ideally) complement the Pendulum Test Result Values. The Surface Roughness Test Results are very useful for Monitoring Floor Wear

Method Statement – Pendulum Calibration

British built Pendulum Floor Testing Equipment is Calibrated Annually to BS-7976-3, which is to be superseded by BS-EN-16165 in 2022. Calibration costs are typically around £400 + P&P + VAT (2022)

Contact FloorSlip and we can arrange for a UK Calibration Service to contact you directly

Ramp Testing

FloorSlip do not conduct Ramp Testing but we would like you to be aware that the Ramp Test Results on their own are not suitable to specify a floor without accompanying Pendulum Test Results and there is No Readacross from Floor Ramp Test to Pendulum Test Results

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