Floor Safety Risk Assessments

Any firm, every firm, regardless of type or size has a Legal Duty of Care to provide Safe Floors, so you might think that every firm would take this seriously...


Over the past 12 years, probably 80% + of the cases we have covered (hundreds of cases) in Floor Slip Injury Accident Claims (see related articles), we can attest that ...

Risk Assessments either...

  1.  ...have not been done
  2. ...failed to consider or consider comprehensively / completely floor safety
  3. ...failed to address slippery floors
  4. ...failed to recommend floor testing
  5. ... have been self certified with no independent viewpoint 

Example of Floor Slip Floor Safety Risk Assessment

Using the simple 3x3 matrix below in conjunction with values delivered by the On-Site Floor Pendulum Testing, it is possible for FloorSlip to quickly give you the 'Threat Status' of each of your floors and the posssible action required. 


floor safety 3 x 3 risk assessment matrix to check floors are safe


example by Floorslip.co.uk of a risk assessment for floor-safety

The surface of floors and stairs is the largest area of any establishment and causes more injuries than almost any other cause (except fall from heights). The simple expedient of having a Flooring Risk Assessment from an expert such as FloorSlip would have vastly reduced or eliminated Slip Injury Claims, which can and do run into many tens of thousands of pounds in slip accident injury claims

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