Floor Coatings Can Help to Prevent Slippery Floor Surfaces

Please Note - FloorSlip provide FLOOR TESTING SERVICES to test Floor Coatings. But we DO NOT provide anti-slip Floor Coatings

About Floor Coatings and the Reduction in Slip

Floor Coatings prevent slippery floors and increase visual appeal

Floor Coatings are generally used to improve the Slip Resistance / Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of a floor surface to help make it less slippery. 

*The HSE and Floor Testing Standard EN-16165 have determined between 90% and 95% of Slip Injuries occur on WET floors

There are many floor coatings available but NOT ALL do what they advertise in terms of reducing slip and it is always suggested that any coating used has a trial patch Floor Pendulum Tested (perhaps 1 metre square) before a large outlay in terms of costs and time.

Perhaps consider 2 or 3 products and test patches because the cost to test will be the same for one or a few patches.

The UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) expects a floor to achieve a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of a minimum of 36 PTV to achieve a LOW Slip Potential when the floor becomes wet or contaminated with substances relevant to the environment the floor exists in. For example, cooking oil in a kitchen or beer in a bar. It is also necessary to add 1.75 PTV for every one degree of Floor Slope. 

FloorSlip can provide (UK Courts / HSE approved) On Site floor Pendulum Testing services. Or if it is practical to you, we can Test Floor Samples at our premises at far cheaper prices.

Checkout the links below to the UK HSE, which have a variety of publications and web pages on appropriate floor surfaces for your business

Floor Slips and Trips - FAQ’s
Assessing the Slip Resistance of Flooring (PDF)  

Advantages of Floor Coatings

Prevent Slippery Floors

Slippery floors are the second biggest cause of RIDDOR Related injuries and often result in expensive Slip Injury Claims. Floor coatings are ‘generally’ more resistant to slippage, 

Floor coatings can offer more durable floor surfaces though Floor Wear Monitoring is always encouraged in moderate to high traffic areas. They are also more resistance to water 

Floor coatings mean you do not need to remove the current flooring material saving money, inconvenience, downtime; they can often be laid and dried within 24-48 hours

Aesthetics  (What they look like)
Sometimes floor coatings will enhance the look of a floor, but sometimes they can appear to make the floor look duller, hence the reason we encourage test patches to be Floor Sample Tested

Cleaning can become easier if the original floor was prone to dust and staying damp after cleaning.

Chemical Resistance
‘Some’ floor coatings can offer higher resistance to  chemicals, solvents and acids.

Suitable for Vehicles
‘Some’ floor coatings can offer tougher floor surfaces finishes for the use of vehicles