Floor Sample Testing

Floor Slip Pendulum Sample Floor Tested to EN-16165

About Floor Sample Testing

In the UK and worldwide, government Health & Safety organisations expect floors to meet legal standards.

Floor Sample Pendulum Testing allows you to test new floor samples in advance of spending money on an incorrect floor specification (or we can test floor samples from in-situ floors, typical in Slip Injury Claims).

FloorSlip test floor samples delivered by post from anywhere worldwide to ascertain the Pendulum Test Values or 'PTV', which is the best measure of Floor Slip Resistance. 

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Results Expected in Floor sample Testing

The aim is to acheive a Floor Slip Resistance Categorisation of 'Low Slip Potential' and a 'Probability of Slip' of 1 in 1 million. (Mini table shown further down the page). This typically equates to 36 PTV (where 0 PTV is the worst state) on a horizontal floor adjusted upwards by approx. 1.75PTV for every degree of floor slope.

36PTV is the value of low slip potential necessary to provide safe floors

Floor Sample Sizes Required

Ideally a sample size of 300 x 300 mm (12" x 12") is required but we can work with 150 x 150mm (6" x 6"). 

Address for sending samples to FloorSlip

Please contact the floorslip agent you have been dealing with. Please do NOT send to the Station Road, Kirkham address

Return of Samples

Where floor testing of samples is ordered, FloorSlip will not return samples unless requested to do so in which event courier / post and packaging prices and a small admin / postage fee which will be levied on the client.

Floor Types Tested - Smooth Floors

We can conduct Floor Pendulum Testing and Floor Surface Roughness Testing on most floor surfaces such as Vinyl, Stone, Ceramics, Porcelain, Steel, Brick, Concrete, Tarmac, Terrazzo, wood, glass, plastics & laminates etc. 

Specialists in Floor Slip Sample Pendulum Testing to EN-1615 and UKSRG

FloorSlip conduct off-site floor sample testing in the UK and for the rest of the world, simply post a sample!

Specialists in Floor Slip Sample Pendulum Testing to EN-1615 and UKSRG

Shiny floors are slippery floors. If you want to make a floor slip or trip injury accident claim in the UK then FloorSlip can guide you

Floor Types Tested - Profiled Floors 

Profiled floor surfaces can be tested in most cases such as checker plate though the price to floor test is slightly higher as the rubber sliders quickly degrade during testing profiled floors.

Checker plate floors do not provide adequate floor slip resistance - get floors Sample Pendulum Tested to EN-16165

FloorSlip conduct off-site floor sample testing in the UK on smooth and profiled floors

Floor Sample Pendulum Slip Testing to EN-16165

Floor Sample Pendulum Slip Testing to EN-16165 - Post your samples - quick turnaround

How Much Does Floor Sample Testing Cost?

Prices are very affordable, particularly if you consider the cost of laying a floor which later proves unable to meet floor test standards and to provide a safe floor! Take a look at the Floor Testing Prices page or Contact FloorSlip directly by phone or email.

Categories of Slip Potential

In the UK the government Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has arrived at catego­risa­tions of 'Slip Potential' in simple terms (on a horizontal surface) as follows: -

Table of Floor Slip Potential and Slip Probability

Also visit the page on Floor Slip Probability 

Slip Potential Pendulum Test Value Slip Probability
Low 36 PTV or Greater 1 in 1,000,000
Moderate 25 to 35 PTV From 1 in 20 to 1 in 100,000
High 19 to 24 PTV Worse than 1 in 20
High(er) 19 PTV or Less Worse than 1 in 2

Contact FloorSlip if you wish to find out more about Floor Sample Testing (or for any other floor safety related topics) - also read our FAQ's on Floor Testing)