UK Building Regulations – Floor Safety


The UK Government provide FREE on-line access to the UK Building Regulations. These should be followed when specifying floors in new or existing buildings. They have been around many decades, so there is no real excuse for a Slip Injury Accident by stating that regulations have changed. Always go to the latest dated item on-line (links provided below).

The main items to consider are: -

Approved Document K - Protection from falling, collision and impact



Approved Document M – Vol 2  - Access to and use of buildings  - Other than dwellings (also including extensions and sanitation)


Approved Document M – Vol 2  - Amendments


Document K and M Vol 2, covers in respect to Floor Safety, some of the following items:

  • Handrail and barriers design and specifications
  • Stairs and Ramps design including slip resistant surfaces* and colour contrasting edges
  • Stair handrail designs and materials will be of slip resistant surfaces* and be of a size suitable to grip and not cold to the touch
  • Ramp Gradient limitations (See Floor Slopes) for ambulatory and wheelchair

* Approved Document M Vol 2 calls up BS 8300-2 2018 Annex C.2 calls up BS-7967-2 as the standard for Pendulum Testing of Floors for Slip Resistance; BS-7976-2 is now replaced by EN-16165

Approved Document M – Vol 1  - Access to and use of buildings  - Dwellings (also including visitable, accessible, adapted, wheelchair)

  • Document M Vol 1, covers much detail for ambulatory and wheelchair / disable users in general design


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