Testing and Testimony for Slip Injury Lawyers

Expert Witness Services for Lawyers in Slip Inury Claims

FloorSlip have been conducting Expert Witness duties on behalf of Lawyers in Slip Injury Claims since 2012 in England, Scotland and Wales. To date, we have conducted over approximately 150 cases for up to 60 different slip injury accident lawyers. 

Our assessments include on-site visits and assessments of the slip locus and contributing factors. We test the floors for slip using only equipment and methods recommended as acceptable by the UK HSE; namely On Site Floor Slip Pendulum Testing to EN-16165* and in accordance with the latest UKSRG Guidelines.

*Parallels then Supersedes BS7976-2 from Dec 2021

We also examine artefacts supplied and compose Expert Witness Reports which are suitable for expert and layman to understand. We generally deliver reports within 4-6 weeks after the site visits (and sooner if required with special requests).

Off-Site (No Access) Desktop Reports

There are cases where access to the site are not granted, or the site in an overseas location, or the floors have been removed or replaced since a slip accident occurred. In these cases we can provide desktop reports from artefacts supplied (Photos, CCTV, Risk Assessments, Witness Evidence and so forth) and by using 'read-across' from historical evidence for particular floor types (Most floor types showing similar chracteristics for their genre).  

Court Compliancy

We are familiar with the expectations of the English/Welsh CPR 35 Rulings (see and the Scottish Court of Law legislation and can prepare expert witness reports for either court.

Links to CPR 35 and CPR 35 Practice Direction



Sample Expert Witness Reports

We can, where requested, provide sample test reports (GDPR Compliant). Please contact floorslip to receive  an expert witness sample report.

Are you an individual wishing to make a Slip Injury Accident Claim?

If you've had a slip inury accident, we can help you on the steps to take and the perosns to contact. Take a look at our List of Lawyers in Slip Injury Claims who you can talk to directly and click on the link to a page discussing 'Making a Slip Injury Claim