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Payouts for Slip Injury Claims average £15,000 !!!!



Every country has floor slip issues - not just the UK

Floor Slip Injury Claim Articles

Southampton Nurse claims £200,000 injury compensation after floor slip

Original Source - The Southern Daily Echo - 7 Jul 2011

A nurse is seeking £200,000 in accident compensation after injuring herself slipping on a wet floor. The figure is high as the injury is long-term, and has affected her ability to work and earn a living in the future.

A senior staff  nurse working at Southampton General Hospital went to help a patient and slipped on the wet floor and suffered serious injury. Her right leg suffered multiple injuries and had to undergo numerous operations. Unfortunately, these procedures have failed to rectify her condition, and she will now require crutches to aid her mobility for the rest of her life.

It has been reported that she is making a slip accident claim against Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospital . Her legal team stated there were no warning signs placed to indicate that the floor had been cleaned and was wet.

Note From FloorSlip - A Floor Sign is a poor excuse that the establishment failed to provide a floor of a safe standard in the first place and floors were laid in an environment that would NOT pass a pendulum test when the floor wet (which it must)

Mother sues KFC for slip on wet floor

Original Source - Sydney Morning Herald - 19 Oct 2011

A woman is taking KFC to court after she slipped and fell on the floor in a fast-food outlet. The woman, 48, had walked into a KFC store on a rainy day in November 2008 to buy some food.

Her lawyer told the Sydney District Court today that she had turned back because she had forgotten the order.

She slipped on the wet floor tiles and fell heavily her lawyer told the court.

The woman, who is a manual worker, suffered numerous injuries, most significantly to her right shoulder, he said. The court heard she is now unemployed and her husband has had to become her care

Manager  arrested for negligence & manslaughter

Original Source - The Guardian - 18 Oct 2011

A pit manager who survived a flooding accident that killed four miners in south Wales has been arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter.

South Wales police are working with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the deaths. South Wales police specialist crime team, who is leading the investigation, said the arrest followed consultation with the HSE and Crown Prosecution Service.

A neighbour said: "This man has been in mining all his life and lives for it he is very experienced.

24 organisations pay out 2.1 million in slip and fall compensation claims in just 5 years

Original Source - Daily Mail - 26 Apr 2010

Tourist attractions across Britain such as Museums, castles, country houses and national parks have all been hit by a wave of payouts for trips, slips and falls

One woman cost English Heritage £15,000 and legal costs of £37,250 after she hurt herself while trespassing!

Another case resulted in a £21,000 payout and £5,200 in costs, after a visitor slipped on a ramp  breaking a hip.

Pay outs were often made by insurance companies but the costs would have been passed on to the companies in higher liability insurance premiums

Even experienced managers can slip up

Do you have a business that deals with Tourists?

Can you afford Higher liability Insurance Premiums?

Enter ‘ Floor Slip Injury Claims’ into Google and you will find hundreds of reports and the reasons why claims for Floor Slip Injuries are big business with solicitors with half a billion pounds just in claims every year in the UK (And that figure does not include out of court settlements)

NHS and Hospitals have some of the highest number of slip injury claims in the UK

Is it worth losing your business and paying out a £200,000 slip claim payout for the sake of a few hundred pounds for a floor test?

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