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Cheap Floor Tests for Businesses and Lawyers available in In all Major UK Cities and nearby Towns including  Floor Slip Testing  in Scotland – Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness / Floor Safety Risk Assessments in North East England – Middlesborough, South Shields, Newcastle, Stockton on Tees, Darlington / Floor Resistance Testing in North West England – Manchester, Lancaster, Liverpool, Runcorn, Preston, Blackpool, Blackburn Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Widnes, St.Helens (Cheshire) Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port, Chester, Crewe, Oldham, Stockport, Trafford Park. Rochdale, Congleton, Sandbach Macclesfield, / Floor Friction Testing in Wales in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Colwyn, Rhyl, Bangor / Pendulum Tests in Northern Central England – Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford (Yorkshire), Rotherham, Wakefield, / Slip Resistance Tests in East England in Hull, Humberside and Lincoln / BS7976-2 Pendulum Tests in the Midlands in– Nottingham, Derby, Rugby, Stoke, Stafford, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester, / Slip Resistance Flooring Tests in Central England – Northampton, Rugby, Derby, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough / HSE Approved Floor Testing in London and Home Counties – Watford, Milton Keynes, St.Albans, Cambridge, Newbury, Reading, Andover, Heathrow / Pendulum Floor Tests in South England – Portsmouth, Brighton, Eastbourne, Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Isle of Man /  Floor Friction Tests in South West England – Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Exeter, Falmouth, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Taunton, Warwick / Cheap Floor Tests in South East England – Dover, Margate, Rochester, Folkestone, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells,

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Main UK Pendulum Floor Testing offices at Preston, Blackpool (Lancashire) and Banbury, Oxford, Rugby and Coventry, (Oxfordshire and Warwickshire) - United Kingdom

Specialising in Independent and Impartial Slip Injury Assessments

+ Floor Safety Assessments + H&S Approved Pendulum Testing to BS 7976-2

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Payouts for Slip Injury Claims average £15,000 !!!!



Floor Slip Resistance Testing & Floor Safety checks for Owners & Managers,


Slip Injury Assessments for Lawyers & Claims Adjusters throughout the UK

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Impartial and Independent Floor 'Pendulum’ Testing conducted in accordance with British Standards (BS 7976-2:2002 + A1:2013 and BS 13036-4).

Using floor testing equipment & methods approved by the UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive). The Pendulum Test is the only test recognised in a court of law in the event of a slip injury claim because of its ability to provide consistent repeatable and accurate readings; Using any other equipment type can leave you liable for slip injury claims

Benefits of Slip Tests / Pendulum Tests

Keep you out of prison for failing to meet Health and Safety Laws

You are liable to 2 years in prison and a £20,000 fine (H & S Offences Act 2008) for breaching Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations which states a slippery floor shall not expose a person to a risk to their Health and Safety. There is a duty of care for managers and employers to ensure slip and fall prevention is highly considered in your HSE risk assessments

Deter Fraudulent Slip Claims

The highest number of accident compensation & injury claims in the UK are for Slip claims. Accidents are easy to enact but difficult to disprove; a floor testing certificate prominently displayed will deter fraudulent claims and support your case in court in the event of an claim.

Saved you money by preventing accidents

£1,300 million is lost every year in claims, loss of profit, production losses, time off, sick pay and NHS costs

Floor checks help you maintain lower cost liability insurance

500 Million pounds awarded every year in personal injury claims for slip and fall accident claims and ‘limited’ liability insurance policies will not cover them completely and will increase the costs if you claim

Meet risk assessment criteria

A floor test certificate demonstrates floors are safe against the large majority of accidents - you know your customers, visitors, employees and members of the public and reputation is safe

Floor Test and Improvement Services offered by FloorSlip

Surface Roughness Testing - Pendulum Test - Ramp Testing

Of all flooring materials to identify and eliminate floor safety risks

Assessment of Floor Conditions & Slip Potential Hazards

Advice on methods to prevent slips and falls - to avoid personal injury claims - and meet Health & Safety at Work Regulations

Provision of Comprehensive Floor Test Reports for Lawyers and Solicitors

On behalf of plaintiff or defendant for injury lawyers, accident solicitors and accident claims specialists

Testing of Flooring Samples

for architects,flooring manufacturers & flooring companies - Testing of Safety footwear for slip resistance

PTV safe Product Supplies

FloorSlip can put you in touch with companies that it is guaranteed they can supply  non-slip floor products that we have tested and passed as PTV Safe - i.e - they successfully passed the HSE recommended minimum slip resistance level of a PTV (Pendulum Test Value) of 36 when tested WET (The HSE state 90% of all slips on floors occur on wet floors)

Top Franchises with FloorSlip Ltd

Work from home and a start a low cost franchise in Slip Testing and Floor Consultancy - excellent long term opportunity

Overview Of Pendulum Testing

The HSE approved Pendulum Test Equipment is set up on the floor and a gauge used to determine exactly where a ‘swinging arm’ will pass along and ‘slide’ across the floor.

The ‘Slider’ is a calibrated rubber of a known hardness mounted on a spring loaded foot. When it passes along the floor the spring is forced up into the foot and the slider rubs along the floor.

How much ‘friction’ is encountered will then determine how far the arm then swings through its travel, ideally there will be enough friction to slow the swinging arm down so a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of 36 or greater is achieved

To meet the standards set by the Health and Safety Executive, a PTV of 36 ,MUST be achieved when the floor is WET (Critical), dry or contaminated (Wet and contaminated floors always give the worse results)

Pendulum Floor Testing from only £447.00

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10% off Floor Tests for new customers  

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Non-Slip Floors and Floor Coatings  - ‘PTV Safe’

We can recommend flooring providers who can provide non-slip floors that meet HSE requirements. And quality finish floor anti-slip floor coatings that are guaranteed ‘PTV safe’ - a term we use to denote floors we’ve tested, which consistently meet the minimum ‘PTV’ (Pendulum Test  Value) when the floor is wet

90% of all slips occur on Wet Floors (HSE)

Risk Assessments for Businesses

We will conduct risk assessments on your floors and the associated environment for risks of slip and provide basic or detailed reports to help you meet your duty of care. The H&S has determined slip injuries account for more accidents and claims for injuries than any other event - find out more on how FloorSlip can help you avoid slip injury claims and meet your duty of care

Slip Injury Assessments for Injury awyers and Slip Accident Claims Adjusters

We can conduct detailed tests and assessments of the floor environment and reasons or circumstances why a slip might have occurred and furthermore the Pendulum test results are virtually irrefutable in court. Unlike whiplash injuries, which are difficult to prove, false slip injury claims for slips on floors can be refuted if it can be proven the floor is safe and they can be proven with the proven Pendulum Testing. We will also provide fully CPR compliant Expert Witness Testimonies as required

CPR Compliant Reports

Starting at only £327.00 - Contact us now

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Sample Floor Testing For Architects and Designers

It is becoming more critical that you specify floor surfaces, which are safe from the outset and failure to do so can cost you your reputation and business and leave you liable for prosecution. Our Floor Sample Testing is very cheap - click below to find out more on the prices

Prices from only £150

Fast  Turn around

Don’t risk specifying expensive slippery

floors contact us Today

Tel  (UK North) 08719 152535

Tel  (UK South) 08713 155789




4S              Standard Shoe Sole Simulating

ADA           Americans With Disabilities

ADAAG     The ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities

ALARP      As Low as Reasonably Practical

ASTMD     American Society for Testing and Materials

BS              British Standards

BS EN       British Standard European Norm

BSI             British Standards Institute

COF           Coefficient of Friction

COSHH     Chemicals Or Substances Hazardous To Health

CPR           Civil Procedure Rules

DDA           Disability Discriminations Act

DIN            Deutsches Institut für Normung' or German Institute of Standardisation.

H&S          Health and Safety

HSE          Health and Safety Executive

HSL           Health and Safety Laboratories

HSWA       Health and Safety at Work Act

IRHD         International Rubber Hardness Degree

ISBN         International Standard Book Number

Micron     1 millionth of 1 metre (1 human scalp hair is approximately 100 microns)

MoD          Minsitry of Defence

PIL              Personal Injury Lawyer

PTE           Pendulum Test Equipment

PTV           Pendulum Test Value

R Rating   Ramp Rating

Rz              Floor Surface Roughness Value

SAT           Slips Assessment Tool

SRV          Slip Resistance Value

TRL           Transport Road Laboratories

TRRL        Transport Road Research Laboratories

UKAS       The United Kingdom Accreditation Service

UKSRG    United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group

Specialising in Independent and Impartial Slip Injury Assessments

+ Floor Safety Assessments + H&S Approved Pendulum Testing to BS 7976-2

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