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Guaranteed Non-Slip Floor Coatings, Pendulum Tested as ‘PTV Safe’


We carry out floor testing on many floor and floor samples and occasionally we are pleasantly surprised to find products that meet the HSE Recommended Pendulum Test Value and we contact these companies to add useful information to our arsenal of knowledge of PTV SAFE NON SLIP FLOORS

What is a ‘PTV SAFE’ non-slip floor?

FloorSlip use the term ‘PTV SAFE’ to categorise products guaranteed to pass the HSE Recommended Floor ‘Pendulum Test Value’ or PTV of 36 when tested WET (The HSE has determined 90% of slip injuries occur on wet floors)

Currently we have the following non slip floor coating product  that we actively support  and include in our ‘Options For Improvements’ in our Court Compliant Floor Testing Expert Witness Testimones

Insurance Company Approved Non-Slip PTV SAFE Floor Coating

This UK floor coating company is unique in the floor coating market. It is the first coating company who have been approved by insurance companies whom subsequently offer a discounted 3 year fixed price insurance premium where the coating is applied. Up to 15% discounts on insurance are possible -  The insurance companies naturally insist pendulum testing will be initially and regularly conducted to prove the floor remains safe and that an approved floor cleaning regime is implemented using specified products

An anti-slip floor Proved safe at over 1 Billion footfalls per year

The company are very confident in their product and have demonstrated its worth by field testing the product over a 4 year period at a London Railway Station which regularly sees a footfall of 64,000 per hour relating to over 1 billion footfalls in an average year.

The product has also been scientifically tested by the leading UK Floor Testing laboratories (CERAM) and was able to pass the HSE expected minimum safe level Floor pendulum Tests in all circumstances (wet and dry) .

The product is pleasing to the eye and does not detract from the clients expectation of what a floor should look like

Option 1 - Mineral Floor Coating (Preferred Option)

Up to a 10 year warranty

15% discount on insurance liability premiums

Meets HSE minimum recommended levels for floor safety

Bonds to Terrazzo Marble and Ceramics

Virtually totally translucent (will not dilute the beauty of your floors)

Quick acid free surface preparation

Immediate usage when dry

Eco friendly floor coating

Easy to clean

Option 2 – Resin Polymer floor coating

5 Year Warranty

15% discount on insurance liability premiums

Safe floor Pendulum Test Value (PTV) when wet

Fully cured in 3 days

Eco friendly after curing

Acid free preparation, coating and post treatment cleaning

Dries to a matt sheen

Easy to clean

Full Details – Option 1 – Mineral Floor Non Slip Coating

Up to a 10 year warranty

5 Years as standard, 10 years available at extra cost. Both warranties are dependent upon the end user implementing a maintained cleaning regime using products approved by the supplier (Note the cleaning products are eco friendly and contain no acids)

Insurance companies offer up to 15% discount on liability premiums

This is provided regular Pendulum Testing is conducted to test floors are at minimum slip resistance value

Increases Floor pendulum Test Value (PTV) to meet HSE Minimum levels

The estimated PTV gain depends on the porosity of product. It is recommended that a Floor Pendulum Test is conducted on the floor coating sample test area to check the results obtained meet the safe minimum HSE values of 36 (when wet); PTV’s of 37 - 52 have been achieved on marble floors after the coating was applied.

Will successfully bond with Terrazzo Marble

Highly polished surfaces would require lightly roughening using an abrasive pad which is carried out in the preparation. But as the image here shows, the preparation and non slip floor coating does not detract from the beauty of the flooring surface

Quick Acid Free Floor Surface Preparation

The Mineral Anti Slip floor coating only requires tiled surfaces to be clean and free of contaminates. A specific to type eco friendly surface prep cleaner has been developed for decontaminating and de greasing and is environmentally safe. A Hydrofluoric Acid  Floor Etch is NOT used  - click on the link to find out why

Eco Friendly Anti-Slip Floor Coating

The company use a small amount (1 – 10%) of  ECO FRIENDLY Glycolic Acid as a catalyst in the coating; Glycolic Acid is naturally occurring in nature and derived from fruits and considered safe as used as a base in powders in the cosmetic industry.     

Immediate usage when dry

The floor coating product is a water based application and drying with a Wet Vac Machine will have the surface ready as soon as all water is removed.

Requires only Eco Friendly Cleaning Product and the Floors are easy to clean

Some coatings make the surface rougher making it difficult to clean with a mop . Some ‘Acid Etch Coatings expect a diluted amount of Hydrofluoric Acid to be used in the cleaning bucket to maintain the ‘etching - the acid is highly dangerous to humans and animals -  the leaflet at the HSE website at describes its use further

But in this product - The coating does not affect the surface roughness so wet mopping is not affected and furthermore Eco friendly ingredients have been developed for use with the floors, which contain no acids. The cleaning products can be applied by either mop and bucket on small areas or on larger floors in a mechanical Scrubber Dryer machine and is diluted for use making it economical and cost effective.

10% cheaper per metre than Option 2

Less surface prep required

FAQ’s – Option 1 - Mineral Floor Non Slip Coating

Does the floor coating dull tiled floors and if so by how much?

Typically glazed ceramics treated have no visual difference detectable to the naked eye and tiles supplied by good quality manufacturers demonstrate low susceptibility to colour change and / or glaze dulling.

It is believed the product provides a pleasing compromise between aesthetic appearances whilst vastly increasing safety!

In a few cases slight dulling down of the floor surface can occur where poorer quality tiles have been laid (see example to the right) and also those tiles with dyes added at the final stage of the manufacturing process (as opposed to ‘through dyes’). Sample testing will be carried out on your floors on a very small area in a position rarely seen to establish if the finish is acceptable to meet your requirements.

Can floors ‘breathe’ after application to prevent long term cracking of floor tiles?

Yes - with all our mineral surface products the natural breathing cycle of the flooring material is not affected after treatment - Did you know? - Over time, if a stone or marble or concrete floor can not ‘breathe’, then cracks will appear

Full Details – Option 2 – Resin Polymer non slip floor coating

5 Year Warranty anti-slip floor surface

Provided the floor product is allowed to fully cure. The warranty is also dependent upon the end user implementing a maintained cleaning regime using products approved by the supplier (Note the cleaning products are eco friendly and contain no acids)

Fully cured in 3 days

The product is touch dry in 2 hours and can endure light foot traffic after 12 hours but requires 3 days to fully cure and to be effectively covered by the warranty

Eco Friendly after curing

No hazards after curing but precautions required for safe handling, storage and application

Acid Free preparation, coating and post treatment cleaning

Strong Acids such as hydrofluoric acid are used by many floor coating suppliers to ‘acid etch’ the floor and the floor must be consistently maintained  using floor cleaners containing acids, which are hazardous to the health of cleaning staff

Slightly more expensive than Option 1 per metre

The floor coating is cheaper but more preparation is required, which increase the overall costs

Dries to a matt sheen

Ideal if the floor is already matt or the desire is to achieve a matt finish; if you wish to maintain an existing gloss finish then it is suggested to use Option 1 (Mineral Coating)

Easy to Clean

The coating does not affect the surface roughness so wet mopping is not affected. (Many coatings make the surface rougher making it difficult to clean with a mop). Periodic cleaning using a scrubber dryer is recommended

Safe Floor Pendulum Test Value (PTV) when wet

This product, when applied consistently, always surpasses the minimum value of 36 when wet as required by the UK HSE

FAQ’s – Option 2  – Resin Polymer non slip floor coating


Would the floor require lightly roughening of the surface before application?

Yes in some cases; for example on Terrazzo Marble. ‘Bonders’ are also sometimes used to help the coating bond to the floor surface.

Can the floor ‘breathe’ after application?

Using any resin treatment is effectively sealing the floor preventing stain and ingress of water and dirt etc. The natural breathing level the stone / tile requires after treatment is applied depends on the how porous the stone is. (Some materials need to breathe to prevent long term cracking)


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